24/7 breakdown services

A bus or coach that breaks down is a disaster, for passengers and for the operator. We provide a 24/7 breakdown service, available both national and international. When the problem can be fixed on the spot, one of our technical crews will will be dispatched. If the breakdown is too important, our call center will find other and more fitting solutions.



Not only is the tachograph a legally obliged instrument, it also needs timely maintenance and a calibration every 2 years.

As recognized installation point, we not only take care of new installations but also provide service upon existing units.


Thanks to the continuous training and formation, all of our team members are certified to handle the most complex of setups and installations. We even have the expertise to take care of gas-recuperation in an economical and ecological way. .


Dräger Interlock alcohol lock

A legal obligation in most of our neighbouring countries and a legislation that is ready to be approved in Belgium. Not only do we take care of installation and maintenance, we are also prepared for any evolution in the future.

JOSAM wheel alignment

JOSAM is a world leader in the field of wheel alignment and is a preferred partner for numerous brands. Our workshop is completely equipped with the latest JOSAM technology, providing us with the possibility to take care of wheel alignments and the fine tuning of radar-systems and other state-of-the-art electronics.